Patient Information

Before your appointment, please remember to bring:


Previous X-Ray or Scan Films


Referral form

Medicare Card & Concession Card

Made an appointment? Here is what you should know:

Preparing for an Ultrasound

Prior to an ultrasound scan of the pelvis, pregnancy or kidneys, you will need to have full bladder. Drink 600ml of water based fluids starting 1.5 hours prior to your examination and finish by 1 hour prior to your examination.  You must have a full bladder for these examinations.  If it is warmer weather in the days prior to your examination please keep your fluids up so that you are hydrated for your examination prior to drinking the required water based fluids.

For ultrasound scans of the gallbladder and upper abdomen, you are required fast for 6 hours prior to your appointment time.

Preparing for a CT scan

Prior to a CT scan of the abdomen, pelvis, head, neck or chest, you are required to fast for 4 hours prior to your appointment. Water is permitted.

No preparation is required for CT scans of the spine.

How does my medication affect my scans?

You may still consume your usual medication with a sip of water during your fasting times.

 What to expect at your radiology examination

We are always on hand to advise you as to the specific preparations you need to make when you visit any of our Adelaide radiology clinics, or our Tannum Sands clinic in Queensland. However, here are some useful guidelines so that you can be prepared in advance of your X-ray, ultrasound, interventional radiology, OPG or multislice CT scan appointment.

  • It is always helpful if you can wear loose, accessible clothes to your examination. This is because you may need to remove some items of clothing (including tops or bottoms) in order for your examination to be performed.
  • You may be asked to remove any jewellery, depending on the type of examination you are having. Therefore, it’s a good idea to wear as little as possible on the day of your appointment.
  • When you arrive at any of our Adelaide radiology clinics, please QR scan in and one of our friendly receptionists will greet you and ensure that you have all of the necessary referral information. This will include information from your referring clinician, your contact details, and your Medicare and/or pension card details. We require this information each time you visit, so even if you have been to Australian Radiology Clinics before, please ensure that you have this information with you.
  • It is always helpful if you can arrive 10 minutes before your appointment. Once you have checked in with our receptionist, you will be asked to take a seat in the waiting room until your technician is ready to begin your examination. If your radiology exam requires you to complete additional paperwork, you will have the opportunity to do this while you wait for your scheduled appointment time.
  • Once your examination has been performed, you can then present back to reception while your images are processing.   The reception team will inform you that your imaging and reports will be sent directly to your referring clinician electronically via a secure digital service. If you need to take a hard copy of the images with you, please let us know on arrival.
  • If you would like your electronic images and radiology report to be sent to a different clinician (rather than the one who referred you to Australian Radiology Clinics), please let us know and we will be happy to arrange this for you. (***Online imaging/report login access via Zedlink is only available to Doctors, Specialists and Allied Health Professionals).

At Australian Radiology Clinics, we are happy to accept patient visitors from overseas at a discounted fee. We also have a dedicated Accounts Department who specialise in Workcover claims, motor vehicle claims, insurance claims, as well as all Medicare and DVA eligible examinations. 

Our friendly and experienced reception team is always on hand to discuss the requirements regarding our bulk billing radiology services, as well as any other information you need about our procedures or making an appointment.