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X-ray Examinations

At all of our Australian radiology clinics we offer a bulk-billing digital (DR) x-ray service. Whether you are in Adelaide, or visiting our Tannum Sands clinic in Queensland, we offer a range of bulk-billed x-ray services where there is no gap to pay and which incur no out-of-pocket expenses.

This requires that you have a valid Medicare card and that you are referred to Australian Radiology Clinics in accordance with Medicare requirements. In order to be sure that your examination qualifies, please feel free to ask our reception team if you require more information about x-ray bulk billing.

What is an X-ray?

An x-ray examination (also known as general radiography) provides 2D images of the body. During the examination, small amounts of radiation are emitted and passed through the body in order to produce an image of a specific body part. X-rays can be used for the examination of bones, soft tissues and organs in all parts of the body.

A general x-ray examination is usually a quick procedure and you do not experience any pain or discomfort. You can expect the examination to last for around 15 to 20 minutes in most cases, during which you may be asked to stand, lie down on a bed or to sit in a chair. Your radiographer may need to manoeuvre you into the optimum position in order to best undertake the examination.

The radiation emitted in an x-ray is minimal and presents no physical risk. However, it is important if you are pregnant, or think that you might be pregnant, to let your radiologist know prior to beginning your x-ray examination.

Once your x-ray examination has been completed, your radiology report will be delivered to your GP using a secure digital messaging service. This means that your referring clinician will have fast and convenient access to all of your x-rays and images.

Urgent x-ray examinations

If you require an urgent x-ray examination, we are generally able to arrange for you to be seen at one of our Adelaide radiology clinics within 24 hours. We can schedule urgent x-ray appointments at either our Brighton or Salisbury clinics.

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